Pichelmann Launches Maintenance and Minor Works

January of 2020 saw the Pichelmann team launch the year with commencement of Pichelmann Maintenance and Minor works (PMMW) and Steve Swift coming on board as a director. We began working on this project in 2019 after realising that we were struggling to keep up with the demand for all the small jobs we were being asked to do by past clients, their friends and family because we were the only ones they trusted to do it properly, regardless of our minor they were. It was with this conundrum that we decided to take the step of setting up a dedicated arm of the business to solely focus on these types of jobs, and give all clients the time and energy that they all deserve. 

Steve has long been a member of the Pichelmann team, known as someone with a knack for solving the seemingly impossible, as a leader on site, and as someone with a wide and varied range of experience. His friendly and approachable nature has made him the perfect person to run PMMW and maintain the valued relationships we have with all of our clients. His vision and drive for this new venture will certainly have positive outcomes for all his new clients and those working with him to make this a success.


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