Blaze aid at Cobargo

What a truly humbling and privileged experience we have had working with the volunteer BlazeAid organisation at Cobargo last weekend.

We arrived not really knowing what to expect, just willing to help. What we experienced was incredible ! To be given the opportunity to help and interact wth families that have lost and suffered so much and yet were so appreciative and warm but still very fragile was something that is really hard to describe.

BlazeAid organisation - You guys are fantastic! You are all volunteers working incredible hours to help us volunteer our time to the farmers! You are the Australian spirit on steroids.

I'd personally like to thank our crew - My wife Meike, Eugene, Tom, Steve and his beautiful family, my daughter Lilly, Kien, Jack, Peter, Tim, Jeremy, Justin, Ryley, Brian, Kyle, Mike and Megan.

Also like to thank Erick and his crazy Brazilian mates who went to the Adelong BlazeAid site to help there as well!

We are all looking forward to going to Cobargo again in early April and swelling our numbers to more than 40!.

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