The culture at Pichelmann Custom Building has been carefully cultivated over the last sixteen years to ensure our team is focussed on the highest levels of quality and service - the hallmark of our business being a culture of honesty and transparency felt by our clients and our staff.
We’re proud to say we’ve built a positive on-going relationship with all our clients, past and present which speaks to our service delivery. We pride ourselves on this achievement – building our reputation is as important to us and building your home.

Our Team Members

Parry Pichelmann
Parry Pichelmann DIRECTOR

Parry has 40 years experience in the building industry with over 21 years of that experience being in project management.

Canberra born & bred, Parry began his 1st trade qualification in the Australian army as an apprentice plumber.

In 1985 he represented Australia in plumbing at the International Vocational Skill Olympics in Osaka Japan.

Whilst competing in Japan he met Meike Laubvogel ( Germany’s Competitor ) and Meike & Parry have been together ever since.

From 1987 – 1991 Parry was the Australian national plumbing competition designer and head judge and Australia’s International judging representative.

Parry and Meike worked together as a bathroom renovation team from 1988 thru to 1999. Parry then spent 5 years working as a custom home building site supervisor and residential building manager for 2 of Canberra’s leading building companies. During this time he was encouraged by many of his clients and associates to start his own company with its own unique culture, which he did in 2005.

Parry has a passion for mentoring and developing highly skilled and motivated young tradespeople. He enjoys the opportunity to lead a team of like minded, respectful and quality focussed people. Both Eugene and Thomas are testimony to this, and Parry is extremely proud to have them as business partners, friends and trusted ongoing developers of the Pichelmann team culture.

Parry's leisure time is focussed on his family. Meike and Parry have raised their two children into young adults and they are immensely proud to have both of them as not only their children, but also their best friends. Camping, fishing and a vast array of outdoor activities seem to continuously fill their weekends together.


  • Diploma in Building
  • B Class builders licence, Carpenter
  • Advanced Plumber
  • Advanced Drainer
  • Advanced Gas fitter
  • Liquid petroleum Gas fitter
  • Roof Plumber
Meike Pichelmann

Meike Pichelmann has over 40 years experience in the building industry and 15 years Business Management and Accounting experience.

Meike was born in Hamburg, Germany and gained her qualification as a Master plumber there.

With an exacting eye for detail and the diligence required to succeed in a male dominated industry, Meike excelled in her trade and was selected to represent Germany in plumbing at the 1985 International Vocational skill Olympics in Osaka Japan. It was there that she met Parry.

Meike grew up in a household where her parents ran their own plumbing business. She saw 1st hand the time and effort required to successfully run a family business and juggle a busy household. This experience laid the foundation for her to succeed with Parry in their own ventures.

Strong family values and 100% effort in all endeavours are Meike’s foundation.

Her classic German diligence and attention to detail have proven invaluable in developing Pichelmann Custom Building, a real testament to our success.

Meike is a passionate bush walker and gardener and she will always jump at the chance to stroll the beaches of the South Coast. Enjoying all the beauty that Australia has to offer.



  • Master Plumber
  • Master Drainer
  • Master Gasfitter
  • Master Roofer
Eugene Haigh
Eugene HaighDIRECTOR

A Canberra boy, Eugene began his career in the construction industry with Pichelmann Custom Building in 2006 as an apprentice carpenter. Growing up, Eugene always knew he would end up in the construction industry, taking a keen interest in areas such as engineering and architecture but ultimately deciding that being involved onsite was what he wanted to pursue.

Eugene’s Career progressed to him running his own carpentry business, servicing Pichelmann Custom Building as well as other Canberra high end builders. The natural progression from that led to Eugene setting up his own construction company in 2015 where he took all his experience from 10 years working on high end homes to make a name for himself as an honest, hardworking, reliable builder with a loyal following of clients singing his praises.

In 2017 Eugene returned into the fold at Pichelmann, this time as a Director along side Tom and Parry. Since doing so, Eugene has helped see through some of pichelmann’s, and Eugene’s, proudest projects. But that’s not what he enjoys most about working with the Pichelmann team, its that it affords him the privilege to work in an industry he loves, alongside some of his closest friends, with clients who truly appreciate the Pichelmann approach to building.

Just recently the Master Builders Association of the ACT recognised Eugene with Emerging Residential Builder of the Year award for 2020 – and award that Parry also won in 2008.

Outside of helping run Pichelmann Custom Building, Eugene can be seen running around on the rugby field for Canberra Royals, much to the bemusement of his business partners. Fortunately his passion for travel, fishing and all things outdoors are more widely accepted.


  • C – class builder (six years)  
  • Qualified carpenter
  • Business management and accounting (eleven years)
  • Apprentice mentor (thirteen years)
Tom Argaet

For Tom, the construction industry was always going to be where he called home. He grew up around building sites in the Bungendore and Wamboin regions where his Dad worked as a stonemason. 

Tom Came to the Pichelmann team in 2010 as an apprentice carpenter. Tom developed into a highly skilled tradesman who set up his own carpentry business and was highly sought after by builders and the public in Canberra. Renowned for his tenacious attention to detail and unmistakeable presence onsite, tom had an instant effect on any job he worked on and anyone he worked with.

Tom returned to the Pichelmann team fulltime in 2017 when he came on board with the company as a director and his energy and high standards onsite have helped see his projects gain recognition with the master builders association on the nation stage.

Life outside of work for Tom these days consists mostly of being a loving father to his daughter, although Toms love of the outdoors, which seams to be par for the course at Pichelmann’s, get a run too.


  • Qualified Carpenter (seven years)
  • Business management and accounting (six years)
  • Apprentice monitor (five years)
  • Site management (five years)



  • Lead Carpenter
  • Apprentice mentor


  • Lead carpenter
  • Apprentice mentor


  • Carpenter with 40yrs experience including 20yr in Germany.
  • Draftsperson
  • Apprentice mentor


  • Journeyman Carpenter


  • Journeyman Carpenter


  • Qualified Carpenter


  • Journeyman Carpenter


  • Journeywoman Carpenter


  • Qualified joiner/cabinet maker
  • Carpentry Apprentice


  • Mature age carpentry apprentice


  • Carpentry Apprentice


  • Carpentry Apprentice


  • Australian School Based Apprentice


  • Carpentry Apprentice


  • Carpentry apprentice


  • Trades assistant


  • Qualified Joiner/cabinet
  • Maker Trade Assistant

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