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Tennyson Renovation

Tennyson Renovation

This renovation showcases an exquisite blend of heritage style with modern architectural elements. This project involved a significant transformation, starting with the dismantling of the rear half of the house, leading to unique design opportunities.

The renovation featured curved ceilings and rooms, innovative changes to the flooring layout to enhance room functionality, and the addition of a cellar, which presented its own set of challenges. The kitchen, a focal point of the renovation, boasts natural fluted stone and intricately designed curves, culminating in a stunning visual impact.

The use of diverse materials, such as a combination of stone, leather, and stucco, adds to the elegance of the space. The master en suite is a marvel of marble, with curves adding a sophisticated touch. An outdoor space with a pool and cabana sets this property apart, offering a breathtaking area for relaxation and entertainment.

The project's success was a collective effort, requiring the utmost skill and dedication from every trade involved, each bringing their best to the table to achieve an extraordinary result.