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Dugan St - The Floating Pavilion

Dugan St - The Floating Pavilion

The Floating Pavilion was a long-held dream, an idea borne from an addiction to housing design and building magazines, and a love of concrete, architecture, minimalism but also pragmatism.

How lucky I was to have found Aj, the principal at DNA; committed, progressive, Canberra local and visionary, although I was only to realize this later. He and Krystal Fraser at DNA conjured the Floating Pavilion from my loose brief of four bedrooms and a pool!!

…and so started an ADVENTURE in TRUST, COLLABORATION and RESPECT for the skills and vision of both Aj and Krystal, the expertise of Parry Pichelmann and Eugene Haigh of Pichelmann Custom building and their team, and of course me, the client.

Together, these teams have designed and constructed my PERFECT home. The Pichelmann, team with Parry and Eugene at the helm, have built my home as if it were their own…with meticulous attention to detail, and with integrity and honesty. I was particularly impressed with the respect and dedication shown to me.

The Pichelmann team have used their local experience and expertise to deliver a spectacular result both inside and out.

And an additional bonus is that Pichelmann Building is an inclusive company with both male and female tradies, all of whom were fabulous to deal with.

The challenges of COVID-19, the lockdowns and delays have all been overcome in the realization of my dream that is the Floating Pavilion.

With much affection and gratitude from your blindly trusting and delighted client…